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Our dashboards combine several components including charts and text to help you easily build on-chain data visualizations.

  • Recent: Displays recently viewed dashboard list
  • My Dashboards: Displays a list of all the created dashboards
  • Click Search to search for Dashboard, Worksheets, and Folders by name
  • Click the search result to enter the corresponding operation page

Create New Dashboard

  • Click on +Dashboards, enter a name, click on Save, and open to enter the Dashboard operation interface


  • Support adding charts


  • Support adding a text component

Dashboard Name Drop-down

  • Support adjusting dashboard
  • Support replicating dashboard. A selection is required when replicating.
  • Support deleting the dashboard. Double confirmation is required when deleting.


  • Click on Publish to publish the dashboard onto the user’s profile
  • Published successfully
    • Support replicating links of the published dashboard
    • Click See it now to jump to the published report details page