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Ordinals Heatmap

The Ordinals Heatmap is used to monitor the activity and popularity of assets on the blockchain. In the past 24 hours, the more addresses that have participated in minting a specific asset, the larger its representation on the map.

  • By clicking the icon in the top right corner, you can switch between the map view and the list view. When you switch to the list view, you can see the exact number of minters for each asset.

Map View

List View

When you click on a specific square in the map view, it will likely trigger a function that takes you to the "Inscriptions" tab, where you can view the latest inscriptions for the corresponding asset. For example, if you click on a square representing the "SVG" asset, it would take you to the "Inscriptions" page, where you can see the inscriptions for content types that were minted as "SVG" within the past day.

This functionality allows you to easily navigate and explore inscriptions associated with specific assets based on the activity or popularity represented on the map. It helps users quickly access and review the latest inscriptions for the selected asset category.

Alpha Signals

"Alpha Signals" is a feature that helps you quickly discover alpha (opportunities or insights) based on the activities of important addresses on the blockchain. It includes activities from Whales, Smart Money, and other significant addresses. Additionally, addresses you have added to your watchlist are also monitored.

In the top right corner, you can select the category that interests you, such as Mint, Buy, or Sell. By clicking on an image, you can navigate to the corresponding inscription (transaction record), and by clicking on the tick icon for BRC20 or ORC20 tokens, you can access the details page for the corresponding token.

You can also identify the type of address in the top right corner, with different icons representing different attributes. You can refer to an icon guide to understand their meanings.

This feature essentially helps you stay informed about important blockchain activities and easily access detailed information about transactions and tokens of interest.

Use cases

  1. Following BRC20/ORC20 Ticks: You can use Alpha Signals to stay up-to-date on the minting activities of BRC20 and ORC20 tokens. When you spot a significant tick on the Heatmap, indicating a high level of minting activity, you can click on it to access the index. In the index, you can gather more information about the tick's supply and progress. If you find the conditions favorable, you have the option to initiate the minting process with a single click. This allows you to quickly capitalize on minting opportunities as they emerge in the blockchain ecosystem.

  2. NFT Trading: Alpha Signals can be instrumental in discovering NFT trading opportunities involving large whales. When you come across an NFT-related activity on Alpha Signals, you can click on the inscription to access its details page. From there, you can navigate to platforms like Magic Eden and Ordinals Wallet. These platforms provide you with the ability to explore specific NFT collections and make informed purchase decisions. This way, you can take advantage of significant NFT trading opportunities and stay engaged in the NFT market.

  3. Monitoring Influencers or Builders: To keep a close watch on the activities of influencers or builders you are interested in, you can add their wallet addresses to your watchlist. When these individuals mint, buy, or sell assets, Alpha Signals will promptly notify you. This real-time alerting feature enables you to stay in the loop regarding the actions of these key figures in the blockchain space. You can then use this information to make investment decisions aligned with their strategies and activities.

These use cases illustrate how the described features empower users to stay informed, seize opportunities, and make timely investment decisions within the blockchain ecosystem. Whether it's participating in token minting, engaging in NFT trading, or tracking the actions of influential individuals, Alpha Signals offers valuable insights and real-time alerts to assist users in their blockchain investments and activities.