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By inscribing a deploy event, you deploy an ORC-20 and must hold the deploy inscription to obtain the ownership of the ORC-20.

When inscribing the deploy inscription before May 08, 2023 (UTC), tick and id are recognised as a unique identifier in the index system. If multiple projects with the same tick+id are inscribed, only the first one will be recognized. Meanwhile, the tick+id must be specified for any mint and send events.

On the other hand, when inscribing the deploy inscription after May 08, 2023 (UTC), tick and deployment inscription numbers are recognised as a unique identifier in the index system. The id in the deploy inscription must be inscription number, and projects with the same tick will all be considered new projects (distinguished by the deployment inscription number). What's more, the tick and Deployment Inscription Number are also needed for any mint and send events.


pyesProtocol: orc-20 or orc20 case-insensitive. (OIP-1)
For wider adoption, any ordinal tokens supporting ORC-20 implementation (like src-20, xrc-20, including wrapped BRC-20) can be included.
tickyesTicker: symbol of ORC-20 in any size and case-insensitive, eg. ORC = orc
namenoName: name of ORC-20 in any size
idnoIdentifier: inscription number.
Subsequent operations must use inscription number (improvement proposed OIP-3 by @t4t5).
eg. initial ORC-20 deployment doesn't require id; but you must specify inscription number of the deployment for subsequent mint, send, migration, and upgrade.
opyesOperation: deploy event, specify type of event, eg. deploy, mint, send, cancel
maxnoMax Supply: set max token supply, default to infinite unless explicitly specified, limited to uint256
limnoMint Limit: max amount can be minted per ordinal, default to 1
decnoDecimal: decimal precision must be <=18, default to 18


ugnoUpgradable: true or false, default to true. It allows the deployer to upgrade ORC-20 later.
wpnoMigration Wrapper: true or false, default to false. This is for token migration purpose and irreversible. Only the deployer of the original BRC-20 can deploy migration event. The wrapper copies metadata of the original BRC-20, eg. same max supply, mint limit.
vnoVersion: helpful information when you upgrade the ORC-20.
msgnoMessage: custom text, message, manifesto in any size
Custom KeynoFor custom implementation only, eg. tax - to enforce transactional tax, such as royalties; minter - special minter address; img - token image; tkid - token id; url - url of token info

Example of New ORC-20: Deploy upgradable ORC-20: $ORC, max supply of 21,000,000, limit 10,000 per mint.

  "p": "orc-20",
  "tick": "orc",
  "name": "OrcDAO",
  "op": "deploy",
  "max": "21000000",
  "lim": "10000",
  "dec": "18"