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My Data

You can set up a privatized database and quickly upload data without requiring prior approvals.


Add Contract

  • Step 1: Enter the Contract Address and click Next
    • Contract conflict (with public contract or under personal name)
  • Step 2: Click on Project Name and Submit
  • The parsed contract table structure can be viewed in My Dataset after submitting the contract


  • Support adjusting the name of the project and contract
  • Press “Edit” to confirm


Upload Data

  • Support of local CSV file uploads
  • You can now create up to 10 data tables

Data upload process

  • The first line of the CSV file is the header, which becomes the field name following a successful import of the data.
  • Size of uploaded CSV file should not exceed 50MB


  • When data is updated using the same table name, the new data will overwrite the original data on the table.
  • Field names and types can be adjusted


  • Support for deleting the uploaded data tables and the data within.

View Uploaded Data

  • View uploaded data under: Worksheets --> Datasets --> My Dataset


Add Database

  • one user can only create one database