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At the top, you can see the total deployed BRC20 TICKs, the current total number of HOLDERS, and the cumulative number of transactions.

Mint Rank

  • This section displays the Mint rank for various TICKs under the BRC20 protocol. You can view rankings for different timeframes, such as 1 block, 3 blocks, 10 blocks, 1 day, 3 days, and 7 days.

  • It provides real-time information on the number of Mints, cumulative Holder count, Mint progress data, and the number of pending transactions in the Mempool for each TICK. Pending transactions are indicated by a red circle with a number next to the TICK.

Mint Button

  • Clicking the "Mint" button next to each TICK allows you to directly navigate to the page for minting that particular TICK. This feature facilitates quick inscriptions for the corresponding TICK.

The BRC20 section provides valuable information about the TICKs within the BRC20 protocol, including their ranks, real-time data, and a convenient way to initiate the minting process for a specific TICK.

Live Mint Flow

The "Live Mint Flow" section provides real-time updates on TICKs that are currently being minted in the Mempool, along with their corresponding fees. This feature is especially useful during periods of high blockchain activity, as it allows you to quickly participate in minting popular tokens before they are minted by others.

In the top right corner of this section, you will find filter options and a broadcast switch:

  • Filter Options: These options help you filter the TICK dynamics to focus on the TICKs you want to see and ignore the ones you don't.

  • Broadcast Switch: You can toggle this switch to turn on or off the voice broadcast feature of the webpage. Even when you are busy with other tasks, the voice broadcast ensures that you don't miss out on information about popular TICKs.

This feature provides real-time insights into the minting activities happening in the Mempool, helping users stay informed and take advantage of minting opportunities, especially for popular TICKs.


In the "Top" section, you can view all the deployed BRC20 TICKs. By default, they are ranked based on the number of HOLDERS. However, you can also manually choose to sort TICKs based on other criteria such as transactions, progress, deployment time, and more.

This feature allows you to explore and analyze TICKs based on various metrics, helping you stay informed about the most relevant tick tokens in the ecosystem.

In the top right corner, you can enter the tick you want to view, allowing you to quickly search for and find specific TICKs. This search feature provides a convenient way to locate and access the TICKs of interest to you within the application.

Clicking on "In-Progress" or "Completed" allows you to toggle between different states of TICK lists. This feature lets you switch between viewing TICKs that are currently in progress and those that have been completed, providing you with insights into the status of TICKs within the application.

Tick Details Page

By clicking on any tick with an underline in the index, you can access the details page for that particular TICK. On the Tick Details Page, you can find the following information:

  • Basic Information: Details about the TICK, including supply, mint progress, the number of HOLDERS, total transactions, the deployer, and more.

  • Holders Rank: This section allows you to quickly identify the top HOLDERS of the TICK, including major holders often referred to as "whales." It also provides insights into the distribution of token holdings among different addresses.

  • Transfer Records: You can view transfer records for the TICK, giving you insights into its liquidity and recent transaction activity. This information helps you understand the liquidity and recent trends related to the TICK.

The Tick Details Page provides comprehensive information about a specific TICK, enabling users to gain insights into its key metrics, HOLDERS, and recent transaction history.


The functionality of the ORC20 index is similar to that of BRC20, with the exception of the TICK details page. In the ORC20 TICK details page, you can find information similar to common token details found in BRC20, such as supply, holders, and transactions. Additionally, the ORC20 TICK details page provides the following unique information:

  • Deployed Inscription Number: This information tells you the number of inscriptions that have been deployed for this ORC20 TICK.

  • Upgradability Status: You can see whether the ORC20 TICK is upgradable or not. Upgradable tokens can have their smart contracts modified or upgraded to new versions.

  • History: This section provides historical information about the ORC20 TICK, including its past performance, changes, and any significant events related to the token's history.

These additional details in the ORC20 TICK details page offer a more comprehensive view of ORC20 tokens and their unique characteristics, allowing users to make more informed decisions and assessments regarding these tokens.