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The "Inscriptions" section displays all inscriptions on Ordinals, including those that are unconfirmed.

It offers the following features:

  • Time Selection: You can choose a specific time range to view inscriptions created within that timeframe.

  • Attribute Filtering: Clicking "Provenance" allows you to see all parent-child inscriptions, helping you trace the origins of inscriptions.

  • Content Type Filtering: You can filter inscriptions based on content types, such as text, images, HTML, and other media.

  • Protocol Filtering: You can categorize inscriptions based on the protocol they belong to.

  • Cursed/Normal Selection: You can choose to view either cursed inscriptions, normal inscriptions, or both.

  • Unconfirmed Inscriptions: "Unconfirmed" refers to inscriptions where the transaction has been submitted to the blockchain but is still waiting for confirmation through block packaging. If you do not wish to view unconfirmed inscriptions, you can deselect this option.

These features allow you to customize your view of inscriptions on Ordinals based on various criteria, making it easier to find and analyze the inscriptions you are interested in.